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Abel Tasman New Zealand

The Abel Tasman region, including Golden Bay, captivates with its golden beaches, clear waters, and lush forests, promising an unforgettable journey through one of New Zealand’s most stunning landscapes.

With it’s mild temperatures, this region is the perfect year-round travel destination. October to April is the busiest time every year, so now is a great time to visit and avoid the crowds.

Nestled along the northern coast of NZ’s South Island, the Abel Tasman region, encompassing the idyllic Golden Bay, stands as a testament to nature’s unparalleled beauty.

This enchanting area is renowned for its golden beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush native forests, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and serenity seekers alike.

Abel Tasman National Park, the crown jewel of the region, offers a myriad of adventures from hiking its famed coastal track to kayaking through its tranquil bays and discovering hidden coves teeming with marine life.

Beyond the park, the charming towns of Motueka and Marahau serve as gateways to this natural wonderland, while Golden Bay, with its serene beaches and artistic communities, adds a unique cultural touch to the experience.

Whether you’re exploring the vibrant underwater world, lounging on pristine sands, or immersing yourself in the local culture, the Abel Tasman region and Golden Bay promise an unforgettable journey through one of New Zealand’s most stunning landscapes.

Abel Tasman National Park

  • Abel Tasman Coastal Track: One of New Zealand’s Great Walks, this track offers stunning coastal views, golden sandy beaches, and lush native bush. It can be done as a multi-day hike or broken into shorter sections.
  • Sea Kayaking: Explore the park’s coastline, including hidden coves, lagoons, and islands. Guided tours and rentals are available for various skill levels.
  • Boat Tours and Water Taxis: These services provide access to different parts of the park, allowing you to explore at your own pace and see areas that are otherwise difficult to reach.
  • Waka (canoe) trips from Kaiteriteri Beach: The gateway to the Abel Tasman National Park. A truly unique Maori cultural experience for all ages.
  • Sailing Adventures: A variety of tours including a Full Day Sail or combine your sailing with walking, kayaking, water taxi or cycling.
  • Abel Tasman Day Trips: Join our small group scenic cruise, privately charter a boat or really treat yourselves to an overnight or multiday charter to explore the stunning Abel Tasman National Park.
  • Skydiving: Experience the thrill of skydiving over the stunning landscapes of the Abel Tasman region, with views of the coastline, forests, and mountains.
  • Canyoning: For adventure seekers, canyoning in the Abel Tasman involves abseiling down waterfalls, sliding down natural water slides, and jumping into pools.
  • Birdwatching and Wildlife Viewing: The park is home to various bird species and marine life, including seals and penguins. Visit Tonga Island Marine Reserve for seal spotting.
  • Anchorage Bay: A beautiful spot for swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing on the beach. It’s also a popular overnight stop for hikers on the Abel Tasman Coastal Track.
  • Cleopatra’s Pool: A natural rock pool and smooth waterslide formed by cascading water. It’s a short walk from the main track and a fun spot to cool off.

Location: Southeast of the Abel Tasman National Park, approximately 20 minutes by car.

Motueka is a vibrant town known for its arts scene, cafes, and local markets. It’s a popular base for exploring Abel Tasman National Park, offering various accommodations, shops, and tour operators.

Location: South of the Abel Tasman National Park, about 15 minutes by car from Motueka.

Kaiteriteri is a picturesque coastal town located in the Tasman region of New Zealand’s South Island. Renowned for its stunning golden sandy beach and crystal-clear waters, Kaiteriteri is a popular destination for beachgoers, water sports enthusiasts, and nature lovers alike. With its serene atmosphere and breathtaking views of the Abel Tasman National Park, Kaiteriteri offers visitors the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Whether you’re lounging on the beach, kayaking along the coast, or exploring the nearby walking tracks, Kaiteriteri provides an idyllic setting to unwind and soak in the beauty of New Zealand’s natural landscape.

Location: At the southern entrance of Abel Tasman National Park.

Often referred to as the “Gateway to Abel Tasman,” Marahau is the main access point for hiking the Abel Tasman Coastal Track. It has campgrounds, accommodations, cafes, and equipment rental services for outdoor activities.

Nestled between the Tasman Sea and the mountains of Kahurangi National Park, Golden Bay offers visitors a tranquil escape amidst breathtaking natural beauty. The region is home to charming seaside towns such as Takaka and Collingwood, as well as hidden gems like Pohara and Tata Beach. With its remote location and diverse ecosystems, Golden Bay is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wide range of activities including hiking, kayaking, birdwatching, and beachcombing. Whether you’re seeking adventure or simply craving relaxation, Golden Bay invites you to discover its hidden treasures and experience the magic of New Zealand’s wild west coast.

Golden Bay Air offer flights, shuttles and rental cars to transport you to the Heaphy Track and Abel Tasman from Takaka, Nelson, Wellington or Karamea. They also offer tour packages that showcase the best of the Abel Tasman and Golden Bay.

  • Wharariki Beach: Known for its stunning rock formations, sea caves, and scenic walks, Wharariki Beach is a must-visit. It’s especially beautiful during sunset.
  • Farewell Spit: This long sand spit is a bird sanctuary and offers guided tours to explore its unique landscape and wildlife.
  • Te Waikoropupu Springs: Also known as Pupu Springs, these are some of the clearest freshwater springs in the world. The water clarity and underwater flora are mesmerizing.
  • Abel Tasman National Park: Although it borders both regions, the Golden Bay side offers access to less crowded tracks and beaches.
  • Wainui Falls: A short hike through native bush leads to these impressive falls. The trail is well-maintained and suitable for most fitness levels.
  • Golden Bay Beaches: Enjoy the tranquil beaches such as Tata Beach and Pohara Beach, perfect for swimming, kayaking, and relaxing.

Location: Northwest of the park, in Golden Bay, about an hour’s drive over Takaka Hill.

Takaka is a vibrant town nestled in the heart of Golden Bay, located at the northwest tip of New Zealand’s South Island. Known for its bohemian atmosphere, Takaka attracts visitors with its eclectic mix of art galleries, cafes, and alternative lifestyles. Surrounded by stunning natural beauty, including limestone caves, pristine beaches, and verdant forests, Takaka serves as a gateway to the diverse attractions of Golden Bay. Whether you’re exploring the nearby Te Waikoropupu Springs, hiking the Abel Tasman Coastal Track, or simply soaking in the laid-back vibe of the town, Takaka offers a unique and unforgettable experience for travellers seeking adventure and inspiration.

Location: East of Takaka, in Golden Bay, closer to the park’s northern sections.

Pohara is a charming coastal village nestled along Golden Bay in the Tasman region of New Zealand’s South Island. Known for its tranquil atmosphere and stunning natural surroundings, Pohara is a popular destination for beach lovers, families, and outdoor enthusiasts. The village offers a picturesque sandy beach, perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and beachcombing. Visitors can also explore the nearby attractions, including the Abel Tasman National Park, Takaka Hill, and Farewell Spit. With its laid-back vibe and breathtaking views of the bay, Pohara provides an idyllic setting for a relaxing getaway or outdoor adventure.

Location: Access to the southern entrance of Abel Tasman National Park, which is approximately a 1.5 to 2-hour drive away.

Pakawau is a serene coastal settlement nestled in Golden Bay, located in the northwest region of New Zealand’s South Island. Known for its rugged beauty and tranquil atmosphere, Pakawau offers visitors a peaceful retreat amidst stunning natural surroundings. The village is surrounded by lush native bush, pristine beaches, and panoramic views of the Tasman Sea. It serves as a gateway to the nearby attractions of Farewell Spit, Wharariki Beach, and Kahurangi National Park, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. With its remote location and untouched landscapes, Pakawau provides a unique opportunity to unwind, explore, and connect with the natural beauty of New Zealand’s Golden Bay.

Riwaka is a delightful rural village situated between Motueka and Kaiteriteri. Known for its scenic beauty and relaxed atmosphere, Riwaka offers visitors a peaceful retreat surrounded by lush countryside and rolling hills. The village is also famous for the Riwaka Resurgence, where the Riwaka River emerges from an underground cave, creating a crystal-clear pool surrounded by native bush. With its close proximity to the Abel Tasman National Park and other outdoor attractions, Riwaka serves as an ideal base for exploring the natural wonders of the region. Whether you’re hiking, cycling, or simply enjoying the tranquility of the countryside, Riwaka provides a delightful escape for nature lovers and adventurers alike.

Location: 30 minutes to Abel Tasman National Park

Mapua is a quaint seaside village nestled along the Waimea Inlet near Nelson. Renowned for its picturesque waterfront, artisan shops, and vibrant community atmosphere, Mapua offers visitors a delightful blend of coastal charm and creative flair. The village is home to a bustling wharf area, where visitors can enjoy waterfront dining, browse local galleries and boutiques, or simply soak in the scenic views of the inlet and surrounding mountains. With its relaxed vibe and proximity to the Abel Tasman National Park and other nearby attractions, Mapua is a popular destination for travelers seeking a laid-back coastal experience with plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventure and cultural exploration.

Location: 40 minutes to Abel Tasman National Park

Kina is a small coastal settlement located in the Tasman region of New Zealand’s South Island. Situated along the shores of Tasman Bay, Kina offers visitors stunning views of the surrounding coastline and nearby Abel Tasman National Park. The area is known for its tranquil beaches, rocky coves, and opportunities for outdoor recreation such as swimming, fishing, and kayaking. With its peaceful atmosphere and natural beauty, Kina provides a perfect retreat for those seeking to explore the scenic wonders of the Tasman region.

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