Summer Experiences in New Zealand

Helicopters Nelson NZ

Places to Visit in New Zealand During Summer Spending the summer in New Zealand offers plenty of unforgettable experiences due to the country’s stunning landscapes & diverse outdoor activities. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation or or culinary delights, New Zealand comes alive in summer with a variety of activities suitable for everyone. Exploring National Parks […]

New Zealand’s Best Boating Hot Spots

Boating in New Zealand

As a picturesque island nation, New Zealand has an abundance of boating options to choose from. There are vast stretches of coastline just waiting to be explored. Countless bays, coves, capes, harbours, sounds, fjords, and straits offer endless opportunities for discovery. When you factor in the various freshwater options available, it’s no surprise that the […]

New Zealand Stargazing Destinations

Alpha CruX Stargazing Tours Lake Tekapo

New Zealand has some of the clearest night skies in the world. With the combination of deep, unobstructed skies, distinct celestial characteristics, and surreal landscapes create a truly enchanting atmosphere for stargazing. Find some amazing locations to see the dark sky. When stargazing, it’s essential to choose locations away from city lights and to check […]

Captivating Kaikōura

Kaikoura summer holiday

Kaikōura is a charming coastal town in NZ’s South Island, offering marine life encounters, scenic coastal walks, delicious local seafood and amazing accommodation options. Explore Kaikoura on land and sea for an unforgettable taste of New Zealand. Plan your trip to Kaikōura. Book direct for the best travel deals. Accommodation in Kaikōura Kaikōura offers a […]

Visit Marlborough This Summer

New Zealand Travel Blog Marlborough

Marlborough isn’t just known for its fresh seafood, award-winning wines, craft breweries, and stunning sheltered bays. Beyond these unique highlights, the region boasts a laid-back lifestyle and countless activity choices, making it an ideal destination for an unforgettable summer holiday catering to all tastes and budgets. Plan your trip to Marlborough. Book direct for the […]