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Puhoi Historical Society

The Puhoi Historical Society records the early history of Puhoi, a settlement created by Bohemian (now Czech Republic) immigrants to New Zealand from the 1860's.

It maintains a Bohemian museum, and has the genealogical records of those immigrants, the development of the Puhoi area and many photographs of the times.

The Puhoi Historical Society Inc. was formed in 1976 to honour and commemorate the settlement of Puhoi, and its main objects are:-

  • To collect and preserve items of historical interest about Puhoi and its people, and to restore such items.
  • To assist in identifying and maintaining historic buildings and sites in the Puhoi area.
  • To promote research in the area and to assist other person’s, societies and groups in furthering these objects.
  • To increase public knowledge of Puhoi and its history and to enhance its special identity.

Those with family connections, people in the district and friends living elsewhere are welcome to join the Society. There is so much to be done and our small and very dedicated band of volunteers would be most appreciative of any help that can be offered. Funding too is limited and had it not been for public donations and the assistance of various outside agencies on specific projects far less would have been accomplished.

Puhoi Bohemian Museum

We will endeavour to be open at the following times, dependant upon the availability of volunteers.

  • 1pm to 4 p.m. Christmas to Easter
  • Saturdays and Sundays
  • During School holidays,
  • Excluding Christmas Day 25th December, Boxing Day 26th December and Easter Good Friday

Entry fee is $3 per person - children free.

Puhoi Village Guided Tours

Arrangements can often be made for guided tours and groups outside normal opening hours.

The Records Room alongside has a library and reference computer which is available to the public for the study of Puhoi's history, genealogical records and to view the archived photographs.

Visitors on occasions may be able to select and order copies of photographs and genealogical charts.

GROUP VISITS to Puhoi and its Bohemian Settlers Museum

We offer:

  • an interesting museum with a focus on Puhoi's founding settlers
  • a lively and informative talk on the history of this unique village
  • a visit to Puhoi's beautiful wooden church
  • a guided tour of the village (optional)
  • a performance by the "Bohemian Dancers" (by special arrangement)

You can also:

  • have lunch at the "Puhoi Cottage" or the "Art of Cheese " café
  • or enjoy a picnic on the river bank by the wharf
  • or visit the historic Puhoi Pub
  • or take a 40 minute (return) bush walk to the lookout above the village (well worth doing if your group is reasonably fit!)

We cater for: social clubs, schools, tourism companies, service clubs, retirement homes and any other groups.

Our service includes: all possible assistance to group organisers and a Puhoi experience tailored to the precise needs of your particular group.

RATES: Quoted in NZ$, Subject to Change.

  • MUSEUM - Entry fee $3 per person
  • Children free

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Puhoi Historical Society, Bohemian Village Museum, Puhoi, North Auckland Enquiry Form