- Motorcycle Rentals & Tours New Zealand New Zealand motorcycle rentals Motorbike tours in New Zealand Wellington motorcycle hire Hire motorbike in NZ is New Zealand’s newest motorcycle rental and tour Company offering premium quality Motorcycle Rentals, Self Guided GPS Tours, Private Customised Tours, Group Tours and trip advice. Our level of expertise is based on many years in the motorcycle retail and rental business by its directors and dedicated staff as well as many road miles enjoying the ride. hires motorcycles for touring the North and South Islands, with branches in Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch for your convenience. is registered with the Government Agency New Zealand Transport Agency as an approved rental service provider.

New Zealand has a lot to offer you as a motorcyclist, with near perfect riding terrain, temperate conditions and expansive scenery, making your ride around New Zealand the experience of a lifetime. Riders typically want to return to New Zealand for “unfinished business” as they say, “We just did not have enough time”. Our beautiful country has some of the most pristine riding in the world, with good quality, uncongested roads, offering you the best in motorbike touring.

The ideal time to hire a motorbike in NZ is the Shoulder and High seasons between 1st October through 30 April from all of our branches. Our Christchurch branch is closed from 1 June through 31 August each year being the winter months. In Wellington & Auckland we are open during these months but with a limited number of bike models available.

We are motorcyclists and predominantly adventure/touring focused, so please ask as many questions as you like and we should have the answers.


We have carefully chosen our motorcycles based on experience and the capability of the motorcycle for multi day touring. Having good luggage capacity and two up capability are important considerations as well as being comfortable. We hope we have something for everyone and offer a good price range of options for you to choose from.

All our rental motorcycles are maintained by fully qualified motorcycle technicians, and are New Zealand Government Transport certified for rental vehicles. Our fleet is a modern fleet of BMW, Ducati, Honda, and Suzuki motorcycles.

During the rental or tour is not obliged to replace a motorcycle damaged by the customer, but will do so at their discretion depending on the circumstances and bike availability.

Inclusive in the daily hire rate is:

  • Standard motorcycle comprehensive insurance cover (includes damage to third party vehicles and property)
  • Roadside Assistance Cover
  • Two 36 litre side panniers and a 36litre top box. If you are riding with a passenger we have an option for a 45 litre top box with a back rest.
  • For our smaller motorcycles up to 300cc we include the Ventura Pack Rack System.
  • Most of our motorcycles have adequate wind shields and we have fitted after-market larger windshields on the BMW CB500X, F700GS, F800GS, Honda NC750X
  • The BMW F700GS, F800GS, F800GSA, R1200GS, R1200RTSE also have low seat options included.
  • Either factory or aftermarket heated grips.
  • Route and planning assistance once you provide basic details of your travel objectives and prerequisites. (In excel preferred)

Other points:

  • Camera mounting to record your trip is not permitted on our motorcycles; please mount your camera on your helmet.
  • If your personal GPS is compatible with our cradles you are welcome to use the cradle which is hard wired to the motorcycle. We use the RAM mount system for mounting our GPS units. You can use you own GPS cradle but it must have a RAM ball on it and we must fit it before your departure. We use TomTom Rider 400 GPS units.
  • Not all of our motorcycles have 12v outlets. We strongly recommend bringing battery back-up devices.
  • The motorcycles also have a basic tool kit. If you have a puncture repair kit bring it with you in your stowed luggage but remove the compressed air cylinders and buy some in NZ or bring a small two way action bicycle pump or mini compressor.

Additional options

  • Comfort seat for BMW F700GS & F800GS
  • Extra Low seat for BMW R1200GS, R1200RTSE
  • TomTom GPS
  • Tank Bag
  • Full riding gear - Motorcycle Rentals & Tours New Zealand Enquiry Form


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