Glass Bottom Boat, Goat Island Marine Reserve Tours, Leigh, North Auckland

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Glass Bottom Boat, Goat Island

Goat Island, NZ: Look, learn, play & explore in New Zealand’s first marine reserve!

Located in Leigh, north of Auckland, our Glass Bottom Boat operation provides a fun and educational adventure for guests of all ages. During this 45-minute eco-tour, you will see the fish, fauna, marine life, and birds that thrive in this protected reserve, as well as the mysterious caves and sea-battered rocky cliffs of Goat Island.

Our direct boarding from the beach allows guests to stay dry throughout the entire journey – making it a perfect activity during most of the year.

Explore the Reserve

Goat Island Marine Reserve is a tranquil escape, with dark, sandy, and rocky beaches, thriving marine life, and lush fauna.

Established in 1975 as New Zealand’s first marine reserve, Goat Island is a protected area, which has allowed sea life and fauna to recover and flourish. As a “no-take” zone, fishing is prohibited, as is taking any items from the beach or sea.

Part of our mission as an eco-tour is education – teaching the importance of preservation in these fragile ecosystems.

What can I expect to see?

As an open reserve – meaning there are no barricades keeping marine life in or out of the Reserve – the species we encounter change daily.

Weather and sea conditions also affect the movements of marine life through the reserve – you never know what you will see!

Fish living in the reserve include snapper, blue maomao, parore, red moki, goatfish, leather jackets, sweep, blue cod, spotties, kelpfish, marble fish, eagle rays, and stingrays. Sometimes we even see dolphins, orca, whales, seals, and sharks!

Other marine life includes kina, turban shells, kelp, seaweeds, mosses, lichens, sponges, and anemones. Birds include pied shags, red-billed and Dominican seagulls, little blue penguins, reef herons, terns, gannets, and petrels.

Glass Bottom Boat Prices

  • Adults $40
  • Children (3-15years) $20
  • Seniors (with Gold Card) $30
  • Infants – free

Group Bookings

Book our activities for a one-of-a-kind group adventure!!

Our activities are perfectly suited for school, social & professional groups

Tours are not only fun – but educational as well. Guests can expect to learn about the history and importance of marine reserves, as well as the species we encounter. With seating for up to 49 people on each boat tour, we can accommodate most groups. We also have kayaks for up to 12 people (if available), and snorkel gear for up to approx 50 people (depending on sizes).

Group bookings must be made in advance. please check your eligibility for group pricing here.

What is Glass Bottom Boat Tours doing during the Coronavirus Pandemic? (as at 25/1/22)

The COVID pandemic and our government’s reaction to it is causing disruption to many sectors of the tourism industry.  We are now in RED level.  

If you are a single group of people, all double vaccinated, with at least fourteen  adults in the group but no more than 22 in total, I may be able to accommodate you and take you on a tour.

If you think you meet this criteria, please email stating preferred day/date, number of adults, total number of passengers, and confirm that you are all double vaccinated (where required).  Please include the Subject Heading – ‘Group Tour Enquiry’.

We have a duty to look after our staff and other passengers. PLEASE do not visit if you are feeling unwell. This includes any symptoms such as a sore throat, cough, sneezing, fever, etc. If you are in the ‘at-risk’ category, we also respectfully advise you to not visit. Please contact us via email ( to advise and you will receive a full refund of your booking if applicable.

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