NZONE Skydive, Queenstown

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NZONE - Tandem Skydive in Queenstown

It takes a certain kind of person to step out an aircraft at 15000ft into thin air. Its takes courage. The fact you are harnessed by space age materials to an experienced qualified Jumpmaster makes little difference. YOU STEP OUT THAT AIRCRAFT DOOR AND FOR SOME 60 SECONDS YOU PLUMMET TOWARDS THE GROUND AT 200KPH. Terminal Velocity.

The impact on your life that the act you are now contemplating will have can not be overstated. The personal challenge is immense. Immense, because the only thing preventing you from enjoying this, one of the most primal like shaping experiences, is your own mind. You must choose. To go through life able to say 'yes, I did it', or to go through life knowing that you had the opportunity, but you turned it down and walked away from becoming the complete person you could have been.

Achievement doesn't come sweeter.

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35 Shotover Street

Phone: +64 3 442 5867

Fax: +64 3 442 7269

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