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Kaikoura Wilderness Experience

Puhi Peaks Station is the highest owned private property in New Zealand, and as such there is a large variety of endangered species we are protecting through our QEII nature reserve.

The most famous is the Hutton’s Shearwater, the only seabird to nest at such high altitude, and the colony at Puhi Peaks is 1 of only 2 remaining breeding colonies in the world. An absolutely beautiful tree native tree in New Zealand, the Olearia Hectorii, grows on Puhi Peaks Station. With only 6 populations left in the whole country, we are delighted to protect and preserve one of its last strongholds.

We gladly welcome you to Puhi Peaks as it is our pleasure to share these and other wonders with you, so we can share our love and passion for taking care of New Zealand’s wilderness.


Kaikoura Wilderness Walks operates on private walking tracks through the Puhi Peaks Nature Reserve located on the east coast of New Zealand's South Island. This is a protected Significant Area of International Importance, renowned as a haven for a diverse array of rare and endangered native species of New Zealand flora and fauna.

Kaikoura Wilderness Walks offers 1 day, 3 day and private guided walks, suitable for all levels of fitness and experience, and we would be delighted to give you the Ultimate Wilderness Experience of a life time!

The guided walks are a holistic wilderness experience traversing distinct eco-systems. The local, knowledgeable guides ensure a suitable walking pace is maintained throughout with frequent stops to describe the abundant flora and fauna that can be seen. All in small groups of maximum 12 visitors to ensure the wilderness stays wild. 

Shearwater Lodge

Shearwater lodge is a completely self-sufficient eco lodge at 1000m in Puhi Peaks nature reserve. This luxurious lodge is your home during our 3 day guided hike, and is also available for private lodge hire.

Have you always wanted to be off-grid and away from everything with friends and/or family for a couple of days surrounded by nature? You have found the perfect spot. Shearwater lodge is set in a spectacular alpine valley at an elevation of 1000m (3280ft) and has six guest rooms, accommodating up to twelve people on a twin/share basis. The scenery is spectacular but be prepared to find your gaze diverted suddenly by resident wildlife, deer or chamois, drifting quietly amongst the golden tussocks. Native songbirds in the trees or the inquisitive kea, who love to shuffle along the balcony in search of mischief, all regularly captivate visitors' attention.

There are a number of great walks you can undertake from the lodge, or enjoy the majestic scenery from the sundeck. While at night the spacious guest lounge can be used to play games, read a book, enjoy a meaningful conversation or simply look at the fire and relax.

Shearwater lodge is self-sufficient and environmentally friendly through it's own micro-hydro system, with solar PV as a backup.


Hunt with our experienced and knowledgeable guides on the highest free-hold land in New Zealand, 21 km from Kaikoura. Hunt by the day, or stay overnight, and experience a taste of true free-range hunting amongst New Zealand wilderness in the Seaward Kaikoura mountains.

Puhi Peaks Hunting operates under a deer management plan as part of the overall management of internationally renowned Puhi Peaks Nature Reserve, home to rare and endangered New Zealand flora and fauna.

Looking for something specific? We would love to adjust our packages to suit your requirements, simply contact us and we'll do the rest.

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