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Hanmer Llamas

From day walks to multi day scenic wilderness camps or fishing tours, relaxation or adventure, Hanmer llama guided tours have something to suit everybody.

Llama Tours

Whether you’d prefer a gentle stroll with a picnic lunch, taking in the scenic spots around Hanmer Springs village or you’re keen on experiencing all that the spectacular back country has to offer, our one day to multi day treks will have something to suit everyone.  Our llama boys will carry everything for you so don’t let fitness or adequate gear and supplies concern you.  Our friendly approach makes it possible for everyone.

Fishing Tours

The advantage of using llamas on your fishing trip is that they carry all the equipment and supplies leaving you hands free.  Whether it’s a one day trip or a fully stocked camp, our llamas open up a world of possibilities!  If you’re not as fit as you used to be or only have two arms, don’t go without that extra fishing gear, clothing or food…you can now access that fishing spot and save your energy for the fishing.

Why Llamas?

Llamas are the perfect low impact, high altitude animal. They have little impact on fragile environments due to their leather padded, two toed feet and their droppings are ‘beads’ that are completely bio-degradable so you’ll barely notice where we have passed. They’re also natural browsers so they’ll feed on all types of vegetation meaning we don’t need to carry their feed supplies on treks. They exemplify the ‘leave no trace’ ethic we practice, keeping our wilderness areas pristine.

The Inca empire relied on their llamas for clothing from their fibre and meat to supplement their diet. They were used as pack animals for transporting crops, trade goods and supplies and during the war they were utilised as portable camps, carrying supplies and weapons. So our boys will happily carry the load leaving you hands free to walk at a comfortable pace and enjoy the surrounds. There’s the added bonus of the level of comfort that pack animals can bring with ample and delicious, freshly prepared food and comfortable sleeps, not to mention that extra photographic equipment or warm jacket.

There’s no better way to experience the natural beauty and spectacular scenery of our alpine wilderness area than with a llama companion and a knowledgeable guide. Our gentle boys are a practical and non-intrusive way to experience undisturbed nature at its best.

About Hanmer Springs

Best known for its natural hot pools and stunning landscapes, Hanmer Springs is a picturesque alpine village 90 minutes’ drive from Christchurch.  The resort town is an attractive year-round holiday destination for adventure, relaxation and indulgence. Surrounded by dramatic mountains and towering forests, this charming town has a main street filled with boutique shops, cafes and eateries.  Adventure activities abound while the stunning St James Conservation Area is a 78,000 hectare reserve with exceptional natural features including glaciated valleys, streams, wetlands, lakes and picturesque tarns.

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